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Project description

The opportunity exploited in SYLFEED is to look at a more sustainable raw material source to produce protein for feed: Lignocellulose (non-food biomass from wood). The project combines lab trials for selection of strains for conversion of lignocellulose to sugar and protein, fish feed trials, and economic and environmental modelling. Life cycle assessment is used to understand the environmental performance of the new technology. 

SYLFEED consists of several work packages with different scientific methods from laboratory methods for development of biorefinery processes to animal testing to desktop studies of economic and environmental viability. The LCA method used to assess the environmental performance of the technology is partly based on methods recommended during the work with Environmental Footprints (EF) at the EU level.

Products under analysis
Proteiner til dyrefôr fra ulike kilder: plantevekster (soya og raps), organiske avfallsressurser (SCP), fiskemel, insektsmel, og trevirke

Impact categories
Utvalge miljøbelastningskategorier fra PEFCR for feed for food producing animals

Project leader
Andreas Brekke


Contact person LCA


Project period
2017-09-01 - 2021-09-01

Project owner
NORSUS: Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research

Arbiom (Frankrike), Matís (Island), Norske Skog Golbey (Frankrike), Processum (Sverige), Skretting (Norge), Laxa (Island), Prayon (Belgia), Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Belgia), Bioprocess Pilot Facility (Nederland), og Østfoldforskning (Norge)

NorEnviro has been established under the auspices of NORSUS (formerly Østfoldforskning) and NMBU, with the aim to increase the (re)use of LCA data. This is achieved by facilitating that LCA data from different research sources is made available.

LCA data are used to analyse the environmental impact of products, systems and services. The data are structured in specific ways for use in LCA software. 


NorEnviro skal også være en arena som brukere og kunder av miljø- og ressursdata oppsøker for å finne frem til og få tilgang til data og kompetanse, og dermed gjøre det lettere å finne frem i jungelen av miljø- og ressursdata.


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