About NorEnviro

NorEnviro has been established as a centre for LCA in Norway under the auspices of NORSUS Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research (formerly Østfoldforskning), in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). The centre was formally established on 1st August 2017 with funding from the main owners: NORSUS, Viken County Municipality and Fredrikstad Municipality


Professor Ole Jørgen Hanssen, NORSUS

Professionally responsible

Forsker Pieter Callewaert, NORSUS

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NorEnviro has been established under the auspices of NORSUS and NMBU, with the aim to increase the (re)use of LCA data. This is achieved by facilitating that LCA data from different research sources is made available.

LCA data are used to analyse the environmental impact of products, systems and services. The data are structured as an inventory list (for LCA experts) or as a single impact score (for companies).


NorEnviro skal også være en arena som brukere og kunder av miljø- og ressursdata oppsøker for å finne frem til og få tilgang til data og kompetanse, og dermed gjøre det lettere å finne frem i jungelen av miljø- og ressursdata.


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