NorEnviro centre

Om forskningsinfrastrukturen

National centre for environmental and resource documentation

Nasjonalt senter

for miljø- og ressursdata.



The Centre for environmental documentation

NorEnviro is a national centre that will fulfil the function of a national library for environmental and resource data. The data to be made available will comprise emissions and resource use data relating to products, processes, materials, and energy and waste systems - namely life cycle data - for Norwegian conditions, whether or not? they are produced or used in Norway. This type of data is essential for research, innovation, documentation and the design of products and systems adapted to the forthcoming sustainable and circular economy.

As a research infrastructure for Norwegian users, NorEnviro should ensure that project data generated by Østfoldforskning, NMBU and other scientific communities over the last 20 years, become more easily accessible. This comprises data on emissions to air, water and soils throughout the entire life cycle of products, materials and processes.

NorEnviro has been established as a centre to be directed by Østfoldforskning in collaboration with NMBU, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management.

The NorEnviro centre has taken the initiative to establish a national infrastructure for the management and dissemination of environmental and resource documentation relating to Norwegian circumstances (NorEnviro infrastructure). NorEnviro will contribute to the development of educational activities in life cycle assessment (LCA) at the University of Life Sciences (NMBU) as well as to the testing of a beta-version of the data platform. The website will be developed in parallel with experience gained during the pilot phase.