NorEnviro is under development and the first version of the data platform will be ready for use in the autumn of 2021. Until then, work is underway to connect the LCA platform to the website, also develop of common methodology, metadata requirements and QA systems. Also, NORSUS Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research is working on mapping and QA of data from completed and ongoing projects.

NorEnviro has entered close collaboration with the company PRé in the Netherlands. The company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of model and analysis tools for LCA (SimaPro). PRé has developed an online LCA platform that functions as a basis for NorEnviro. Each user wishing to share data through NorEnviro is given a private area. There, data can be uploaded, modified and documented until it is ready for QA and publication. Data can be published at different levels, and the data provider themselves decides under what conditions data become available.

The LCA platform developed by PRé will also allow the integration of NorEnviro directly into LCA software. This means that data published through NorEnviro will be directly accessible in the online version of SimaPro, eliminating the need to download and upload data sets. Implementing this integration will require external funding, which is included in a new application for infrastructure funds to the Norwegian Research Council.


NorEnviro has been established under the auspices of NORSUS (formerly Østfoldforskning) and NMBU, with the aim to increase the (re)use of LCA data. This is achieved by facilitating that LCA data from different research sources is made available.

LCA data are used to analyse the environmental impact of products, systems and services. The data are structured in specific ways for use in LCA software. 


NorEnviro skal også være en arena som brukere og kunder av miljø- og ressursdata oppsøker for å finne frem til og få tilgang til data og kompetanse, og dermed gjøre det lettere å finne frem i jungelen av miljø- og ressursdata.


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