National centre for documentation of environmental and resource data

Technical solution in collaboration with PRé

NorEnviro has initiated a close collaboration with PRé consultants in the Netherlands, who are one of the world’s leading suppliers of modelling and analysis tools for LCA (SimaPro). PRé has developed a solution for the management and the dissemination of LCA data and this will be supplied to NorEnviro. It will form a basis for further improvements and adjustments for NorEnviro’s claims concerning usage and functionality.


Partners in the infrastructure project

14 business associations, 5 governmental authorities, 8 research and development communities and 4 international research communities have joined NorEnviro. Important industrial sectors are supporting the project, including sectors such as building and construction, waste and packaging . Municipal businesses, forest owners’ associations and the agriculture organisation are also giving the undertaking their approval.
In addition, Tekna, Grønt Punkt Norge and EPD Norway are involved, together with Innovasjon Norge, DIFI, Enova, Direktoratet for byggkvalitet and Vegdirektoratet/Statens vegvesen representing the public authorities.

Industry associations

  • Byggevareindustrien
  • Byggenæringens Landsforening
  • Norsk Industri
  • Energi Norge
  • Avfall Norge
  • Emballasjeforeningen
  • Norges Skogeierforbund
  • Norges Bondelag
  • Norsk Bioenergiforening
  • Grønt Punkt Norge
  • KS Bedrift
  • Tekna
  • EPD Norge
  • GCE NODE (oljeindustrien)

Public authorities

  • Innovasjon Norge
  • Enova
  • DIFI
  • Direktoratet for byggkvalitet
  • Statens vegvesen

Other partners

  • Nofima
  • NTNU Miljøpsykologi
  • Høgskolen i Østfold
  • COWI
  • Rambøll
  • AS

International Research communities

  • RISE and IVL from Sweden
  • LUKE from Finland
  • DTU Management Engineering Denmark

Research and Development users:

NorEnviro is primarily a research infrastructure which will deliver data and results to be used in research and development/innovation. R&D communities that do not themselves perform LCAs but who collaborate with other R&D communities on the use of such tools in projects are an important user group for the infrastructure. Partners in the R&D communities include Nofima, CICERO, RISE PFI, NTNU Miljøpsykologi, Høgskolen i Østfold, COWI, Rambøll and AS.

NTNU Miljøpsykologi
Høgskolen i Østfold
rise-pfi AS

Contact information

Visiting address: Østfoldforskning, Stadion 4, 1671 Kråkerøy

Centre manager: Professor Ole Jørgen Hanssen, Østfoldforskning og NMBU MINA
Mobile: +47 90727977

NorEnviro management group:

Research Director Hanne Lerche Raadal, Østfoldforskning (Director)

Dean Sjur Baardsen, NMBU MINA

Fredrikstad municipality: Siri Martinsen (member of the board of the municipality of Fredrikstad and is in charge of the board of Borg Havn)

Østfold county municipality: Andreas Lervik, leader of the industry Committee in Østfold.