National centre for documentation of environmental and resource data


Fundamentals of the data infrastructure

The NorEnviro infrastructure project will develop a structure that will be similar to a national library in its function. The research institutes working with LCA will systematise and make available environmental and resource documentation on a common data platform.
Each dataset will describe the content of the analysis, its rationale, the recipient and the methodological choices made. The source and the age of the data will also be identified, as well as information as regards whether or not the data are open-source. NorEnviro will function similarly to the BIBSYS-system which provides detailed documentation on books in Norway. It includes the physical location of the books and their borrowing status, as well as a booking system.

NorEnviro will also be a platform that users and customers can consult to gain access to documentation and expertise. The platform aims to systemise the current jungle of national and international environmental and resource documentation. As with a shopping centre, NorEnviro will not be responsible for the data available on the platform or their quality; this will be the responsibility of the research institutes. NorEnviro will however initiate a standardisation of quality for the available data through the application of common quality assurance systems; systems for describing metadata; well-functioning working processes for producing high quality datasets; a common methodological basis, and expertise in research data management.

Østfold forskning
Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet


he figure above shows the planned structure for data management and dissemination in NorEnviro. Data are managed by the research institutes, are generated through research projects, and are shared with national and international external users.

Requirement for data management plans

Both the Research Council of Norway and the EU now demand plans regarding the way in which research data generated through projects funded by the Research Council of Norway and by Horizon 2020 will be managed during and after the project implementation. The NorEnviro infrastructure will ensure the fulfilment of these requirements through the systems being developed and established. The EU has developed its own format for metadata which should follow the generated datasets. These will also form the basis for the NorEnviro infrastructure.

International networks

The NorEnviro infrastructure is present in Nordic, European and global networks for the management and dissemination of environmental and resource data. Collaboration with leading Swedish, Danish and Finish research communities in the field, has created an awareness of the research being carried out in the Nordic countries. A network in the EU is already established, linked to the Joint Research Centre in Milan. This is responsible for the management of this type of data within EU research projects (The Life Cycle Data Network – LCDN). NorEnviro is also present in the global network for dissemination of LCA data, established by the UNEP (The global LCA Data Access network – GLAD). Within this platform, several countries including Brazil, France, Italy and Austria are working on the establishment of national data structures for the dissemination of LCA data using the same model as NorEnviro.

What will the project deliver?

NorEnviro har tre hovedleveranser:

  1. To develop data solutions for the management and the dissemination of LCA data within Norwegian research communities, which will in turn be made available for national and international users through effective search systems.
  2. To systematise and facilitate existing LCA data from projects completed since 2010, so that these are made available through the NorEnviro infrastructure. Data can be made available through open access systems, through project collaboration or through purchase.
  3. To make available statistics and data which are not currently in an LCA format but which can be transferred to NorEnviro in a format for use in LCA studies. A national database will be developed for typical Norwegian production conditions within a selection of areas (transport, building and construction, energy, waste management, forestry, agriculture and food production).


Contact information

Visiting address: Østfoldforskning, Stadion 4, 1671 Kråkerøy

Centre manager: Professor Ole Jørgen Hanssen, Østfoldforskning og NMBU MINA
Mobile: +47 90727977

NorEnviro management group:

Research Director Hanne Lerche Raadal, Østfoldforskning (Director)

Dean Sjur Baardsen, NMBU MINA

Fredrikstad municipality: Siri Martinsen (member of the board of the municipality of Fredrikstad and is in charge of the board of Borg Havn)

Østfold county municipality: Andreas Lervik, leader of the industry Committee in Østfold.